As Is Your Name


Verse 1

As is Your name, O God, Creator 

So Your praise unto the earth

Ev’ry star delights in shining

To proclaim Your fame and worth

Woods and seas and mountains

Stand in rev’rent awe

Self Existent, Mighty One

As is Your name, O God

Verse 2

We’re empty handed, vile and wretched

Sinners in the midst of night

Grace and mercy flowing down free

Father’s gift of brilliant light 

Love’s redeeming power

On a bloodstained cross

Righteousness revealed to us

As is Your name, O God

Verse 3 

We fall before the throne of One Who 

Deigns to dwell within our hearts

Called from darkness 

Into light to live a life that’s set apart

All Your works are holy

All our strivings naught

Owner, Master, Counselor

As is Your name, O God

Verse 4

One day upon Your holy mountain,

Sons and daughters of the King

No more trials to be wrestled

Bountiful our offering

Lord, You are eternal

Angels praise and laud

Everlasting age to age

As is Your name, O God

Amy Branson Fata © 2010 Portion Music (ASCAP)

We have thought on Your lovingkindness,

    O God,

In the midst of Your temple.

As is Your name, O God,

So is Your praise to the ends of the earth;

Your right hand is full of righteousness.

Psalm 48:9-10