Amy and Patrick Fata Photo Background
But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy;
And may You shelter them, That those who love Your name may exult in You.
Psalm 5:11

Amy & Patrick Fata seek to glorify the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ above all else through their music ministry. This vocalist and pianist team offers worshipful, uplifting, and entertaining performances to audiences of all ages. Word-driven testimonies, meaningful worship, and lighthearted humor highlight their concerts and worship services. Original and inspirational in style, their music captivates the listener and stirs the heart.

Growing up an ocean apart, Amy & Patrick bring differing life experiences to the platform. Raised in a Christian home, Amy began her walk with the Lord at an early age and was singing publicly at the age of three. Today, her commitment to Christ is seen through the pursuit of vocal excellence and God-honoring lyrics. Trusting in the Lord's provision and believing in His call, Amy resigned after five years as a high school choral teacher to devote herself to music ministry.

Patrick had his first piano lesson on his ninth birthday and went on to graduate from the Conservatoire National de Région de Rueil-Malmaison, a top conservatory in Paris, France. At age nineteen, Patrick came to the United States, where he accepted Christ as his Savior only a few weeks after his arrival. His dedication to the Lord is evident through his piano performance in both ministry and classical recitals.

Amy & Patrick met at Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana. They married after graduating in 1996 and continued their education at the Jordan College of Fine Arts at Butler University in Indianapolis. They have both served as adjunct faculty in the music department at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, and lead worship at First Baptist Church in Carmel, Indiana, when not traveling. Worship leading is a central part of their ministry. Amy & Patrick have two daughters, Liliana Gabriel, born in May of 2007, and Sabrina Raphaelle, born in June of 2010.

Traveling across the United States and Europe, Amy & Patrick touch many lives with their music ministry. Their songwriting efforts are continuous. Their first CD, We Worship You as Never Before, is a collection of twelve songs written to inspire faith in a loving Heavenly Father who deserves all our worship. The title track was the first song Amy & Patrick composed together in 1995. Their second project, The Lord Will Provide, was produced and arranged by Steve Millikan, known for his work with Ray Boltz. Blending inspirational and contemporary styles, this CD takes a close look at the provision and peace provided by an ever-faithful Lord. Patrick has also released a CD of classical hymn arrangements for piano. A Musical Offering offers praise to our holy God through hymns like "Crown Him with Many Crowns," "Be Thou My Vision," and "The God of Abraham Praise." Exalted Lord, a project with lyrical depth and many styles, focuses on Jesus Christ’s Lordship as He reigns triumphantly at the Father’s right hand over sin, death and unbelief. Amy & Patrick continued their collaboration with Steve Millikan both in this project and in their fifth and newest release, Wondrous Love-Hymns of Our Faith. This collection of beloved songs of the Christian faith is acoustic in feel, and meshes familiar lyrics with fresh musical treatment to inspire true heartfelt worship of Christ.

The Fatas continue to compose not only solo vocal and piano music, but also SATB choral arrangements. They have built a repertoire of modern hymns and praise songs for the corporate body in its worship of God. Click on "Free Music" in the Music page to download some of their songs for your congregation.

Ministry Opportunities


Though full time since 2001, Amy & Patrick began songwriting and performing together in 1995. Concerts include music with warm, rich textures and God-honoring lyrics, Word-driven testimonies, audience participation, and humor. Length of performance is determined by need. There is a variety of ways to incorporate their ministry into your church service or scheduled event. Full concerts (45 minutes-1 1/2 hours) are the usual format, though mini-concerts (25-30 minutes) allow time for preaching.

Worship Leading

Amy & Patrick believe we are called to worship the one true holy God in spirit and truth. The ability to sing praises to Christ is a most precious gift that should not be taken lightly. Balancing confident music leadership with a dependence on the Spirit is their top priority when leading the children of God in His worship.

Retreats, Banquets, Conferences, etc…

Amy & Patrick's music ministry fits into any worship setting. Couples' retreats, banquets, pastoral conferences, and holiday functions are example venues. Ministering for women's retreats is one of their passions, and Amy is available for speaking at these events. As they place the focus on Christ Jesus, their ministry is an added blessing to any conference or function.

Church and Children's Choirs, Praise Teams

Amy & Patrick are excited to work with your musical groups. Choral directors may choose to have back-up music sent ahead of time to prepare. The Fatas will rehearse the choir beforehand and incorporate them into the concert. Involving children's choirs is another great way to further outreach efforts. While leading praise and worship in your church, Amy & Patrick will gladly work with your musicians. Churches with capable instrumentalists may also opt for full involvement/accompaniment during the concert.

Choral Workshops

Having directed high school, college, and church choirs, Amy is available to provide more in-depth vocal instruction through the setting of a choral workshop. Proper vocal technique, tone production, reading music, blending as an ensemble, etc. are topics worth exploring for every church choir or praise team. In order to lead worship effectively, musicians should strive to reach their musical potential. Words used to describe previous workshops include "educational, encouraging, challenging, profitable, very worthwhile." One choral member said, "Excellent workshop-could easily be an all day event! This should be mandatory for all worship team participants."


Amy & Patrick are commissioned songwriters for churches, organizations or individuals looking to have a special arrangement or original song written for a specific occasion. Contact them with your request for any of the following: praise songs, solo vocal or piano scores, modern hymns, SATB or SSA choral arrangements.

Piano Recitals

Sometimes organizations desire classical music either for their entertainment or for cultural growth. Patrick is available to give a full classical piano recital. Churches may desire a sacred concert or musical involvement by both Amy & Patrickin their morning services, and a recital given by Patrick for the community in the afternoon or evening. Recitals must be booked at least four months in advance.


I am happy to recommend the Fatas, especially to churches who wish to feature music that is both excellent and God-honoring. I have enjoyed serving as Patrick and Amy's pastor since 1996. I know them as persons of godly character who desire to minister in God's vineyard for His glory. These are servants you will ask back for return engagements.

Pastor Joe Flatt, First Baptist Church, Carmel, IN

Amy and Patrick Fata are like a diamond. They are multifaceted in that you will laugh, be encouraged, and bow your head in worship. I have had the privilege of watching them shine. What a delight!

Kathy Troccoli, Singer, Author, Speaker

It was a pleasure to have Amy and Patrick minister in leading worship as well as provide special music at the 2010 JOY state women's conference.  As a married team, they read each other flawlessly and  did a dynamic job of balancing the new, the old, and the unique with passion and excellence.  While they were undeniably professional in their presentation, there was a heart-warming personal touch that bonded them with the audience through their testimonies and even appropriately placed humor.  We found it incredibly unusual that the evaluations coming from a varied audience of young women through the  older generation were  returned without a single negative comment regarding the music.  Words like "enlightening, inspirational, beautiful spirit, incredible songs, sincere" were just some of the sentiments expressed along with requests to have them return. The Fatas showed a cheerful flexibility to adapt to our needs at the conference and maintained a spirit of service and ministry that truly glorified the Lord.

Becky Starett,  JOY of the Journey Conference Coordinator, a ministry of Crossroads Fellowship

It is a special privilege to recommend to you the musical ministry of Amy and Patrick Fata. We have been blessed to host the Fatas in our church on numerous occasions; where, without exception, their ministry was met with enthusiasm and deep appreciation. Not only are Amy and Patrick gifted musicians and true professionals, they are genuine followers of Christ and they have obviously anchored both their music and their ministry in hearts of love and devotion to the Lord.

Pastor Randy Gilmore, Hamilton Hills Baptist Church, Fishers, IN

I am an over the road truck driver and was not able to attend your program recently on the release of "Exalted Lord" but my wife was able to go and got me a copy of the CD. Last week I had a long run all the way up to Quebec City in Canada during that storm that crippled so much of the Northeast US. Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City also got over 12 inces of snow and on several occassions I experienced white-out conditions and "black" ice.

At one particularly bad spot just west of Montreal, the entire interstate came to a halt in a white-out that made it difficult to even see the vehicle right in front of me. I chose then to play your CD and I can't tell you what a calming effect it had on me when I heard Exalted Lord and got my mind off my own troubles and focused on the Lord. Pretty soon I was praising Him too and seeing His almighty power right there in the middle of the storm. It reminded me of Jesus sleeping on the boat with His disciples in the middle of the storm and of Paul who was so calm in the power of the storm on the Mediterranean Sea.

In a little while the storm subsided, visibility improved, and we all started moving again and as I looked around at the landscape freshly covered in pristine snow the sun came out of nowhere; God's Majesty was almost overpowering and had this 67 year old truck driver crying tears of joy. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you both in your wonderful ministry of exalting the Lord with praise and music!

By the way, I have to tell you that as an old-timer I have never been very keen on any of the more contemporary Christian music but I also have to say that you two are beginning to make a believer of me and certainly much more discerning of contemporary music that truly exalts the Lord in words and music and not just the same noise one hears on all the secular stations. God bless!

Tim Carson, Carmel, IN

God has truly blessed Patrick and Amy Fata with a special gift of leading others to His throne in deep and meaningful worship. This is accomplished through Amy's rich and clear voice, Patrick's tasteful accompaniment, fresh and original songs using biblical texts, and through their humble, yet passionate stage presence. Please take the opportunity to invite them to minister to you and your congregation.

Scott Naden, Music Minister, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Naples, FL

Amy and Patrick's musical gifts are surpassed only by their genuine love for the Lord and passion for His glory. God has used the Fatas to lead my soul into some of its most memorable experiences of worship.

Pastor Cecil Sanders, First Baptist Church, Headland, AL

This is an impressive couple. Not only do they have extraordinary musical talents, but they relate to their audiences in such a sensitive, worshipful and God-honoring way. Their strong Christian commitment is most evident as they direct the audience to the author of music, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Dr. G. Blair Dowden, President of Huntington University, Huntington , IN

Patrick and Amy ministered to us at our recent spring Ladies' event. We had scheduled both them and a dynamic speaker as the program part of this event, however, even if they had been the only ones for the program, it would have been complete with each woman hearing of the love and power of Jesus Christ, both through song and their words. Their music is awesome, their humor keeps them entertaining, and their humility keeps them a real and marvelous testimony to the Lord they serve. We were so thankful they were available to be with us that day.

Jill Cobbs, Women's Event Coordinator, Centennial Bible Church, Westfield, IN

The music, coupled with the unbelievably heartfelt lyrics, takes the worshiper steps closer to the throne of grace. I have rarely felt His almighty presence so vividly. Here is real worship.

Carolyn Adams, age 16

Amy and Patrick Fata appeared on our Concert Series as well as in morning worship services. We found their music spoke to a wide cross-section of our congregation. And there has been some discussion as to why that worked, since our structure tends toward the traditional. Coincidentally the morning Scripture lesson was about the woman at the well: "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth." We needed to look no further; in the same day we asked the question, the answer had already been provided to us! The Fatas' original music flows from that sense of spirit, truth, and their own genuine faith and experience. This authenticity comes through without force or fanfare, but is quite strong nevertheless. The lyrics were listener-friendly yet theologically mature, and were set to well-crafted music. There was variety and humor in their presentation. Add to the mix two musical talents with skilled technique, and you have a recipe for success. I think this explains their appeal to me, a classical musician, and to members of our congregation who prefer other genres. The Fatas' ministry adds up to more than just music; it was proof that the power of music can unite rather than divide the people of God.

Charles Peery, Music Director, St. Paul United Church of Christ, Belleville, IL

I have heard Amy and Patrick perform in church, chapel and family services and have always been impressed with the spiritual dimension and musical excellence of their presentations. It is a truly moving experience! I highly recommend them to any church or collegiate audience.

Albert Harrison, Ed.D., Music Dept. Chair, Taylor University, Upland, IN

Delightful, energetic couple gifted in honoring God through top-quality music ranging from the familiar to original presentations. Patrick on piano and Amy in voice present a superb quality and style, always moving the congregation toward worship.

Jim and Nancy Lake, Athol-Orange Baptist Church, Athol, MA

Amy and Patrick are not only extremely talented and entertaining performers, but also have tremendous hearts for God and ministry. If you have the privilege to witness Amy and Patrick in concert, you can be sure that you will enjoy their talent and their humor and be drawn into the presence of God in a truly worshipful experience.

Jason Holliday, Tenor, One Generation

That was the best Christian performance I have ever seen!

Kaylee Miller, age 9

I prefer this Frenchman to that Greek (Dino) anytime!

Donna Lance, First Baptist Church, Vincennes, IN

You led us in such true worship. That's so very different from just singing. I wept with joy from the very first song. God bless you both!

Brenda Buck

Only God our Father could raise up a couple to serve Him in a ministry spreading the goodnes with worship and praise touching hearts.

Evelyn Trafzer, Calvary Bible Church, Rogers City, MI

We had a wonderful day because of your visit. Our people were very appreciative and continue to talk about it. One man said, "This is the first time that praise music has worked for me!" He admitted he had never liked what he had heard of it before. By contrast, you led him in a spiritual experience through your music. Our people were moved by the genuineness of your witness and by the high quality of your musicianship. Thanks for your ministry.

Pastor Phil Dorrell, Central United Methodist Church, Richmond, IN

We have had Amy and Patrick with us twice and can highly recommend them. They blend a professional quality with anointed ministry... mixed with a touch of refreshing humor. The church was edified by their music and sharing, and visitors were drawn to Christ. They are truly a team. We definitely want them back!

Pastor Mark Boucher, Leominster Assembly of God Church, Leominster, MA

Every time I hear Amy and Patrick minister through music, my heart is encouraged, my faith stretched.

Dr. Eugene Habecker, President of Taylor University,Upland, IN

Your songs have filled my heart since I heard you last night! I became a Christian about five years ago. My life is fuller every moment that I give myself over to Him. Despite my wonderful Christian husband and two terrific children, joy eludes me. This became painfully apparent to me a few months ago. Ever since, I have been seeking my heavenly Father in His word and world. I knew it was joy when I heard you both perform and have experienced this joy all day today. Thank you both for your offering to me. Experiences like this are changing my life!


Your music was such an uplifting message for me. I’ve been battling some depression. The Lord led me to hear you and I can’t convey to you enough the rich blessings I received from both of you.

Nancy Patterson, Endicott, NY

Amazing music! However, it’s not just the music but the hearts of the Fatas that shine through. I was so blessed by their transparency and their awe and dependence on the Lord. God is glorified through them!

Angelina Bologna, Harwich, MA


When not away on ministry outings, Amy & Patrick lead worship Sunday mornings at 9:30 at

First Baptist Church
1010 East 126th Street
Carmel, Indiana 46033


February 8-10: Couples' Retreat: Worship Leading and Concert
Montrose Bible Conference
218 Locust Street
Montrose, PA 18801

April 21: Concert
Seymour First Baptist Church
505 Community Drive
Seymour, IN 47102

June 1: Special Event
Hamilton Hills Baptist Church
10293 E. 126th Street
Fishers, IN 46038

August 25, 6:00pm: Concert
Elizaville Christian Church
5745 N 500 E
Lebanon, IN 46052

Past Appearances


1/29 East lake UMC -Palm Harbor, FL
2/4-5 East Naples UMC -Naples, FL
7/1 First Baptist Church -Hillsdale, MI
8/10-11 First Baptist Church -Freeport, IL


1/16 Converse Church of Christ -Converse, IN
4/20 Elizaville Baptist Church -Lebanon, IN
5/1, 8, 15 Emmanuel International Church of Paris -Rueil-Malmaison, France
5/22 International Baptist Church of Jurbise -Jurbise, Belgium
5/22 International Baptist Church of Eindhoven / Filadelfia -Eindhoven, The Netherlands
8/28 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
10/2 Central United Methodist Church -Richmond, IN
10/4 Regional F.I.R.E. conference -Greenfield, IN
10/14-16 Montrose Bible Conference -Montrose, PA


1/3, 10, 17, 24, 31 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
2/7, 14, 21 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
2/28 Grace United Methodist Church -Venice, FL
3/7 East Naples United Methodist Church -Naples, FL
3/14,21,28 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
4/4, 11, 18, 25 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
5/2, 9, 16, 12, 30 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
6/6, 13 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
7/18, 25 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
8/1 Central United Methodist Church -Richmond, IN
8/8, 15, 22, 29 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
9/6, 13, 20, 27 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
10/2 East Columbus United Methodist Church -Columbus, IN
10/3, 10, 17, 24, 31 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
11/7 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
11/13 Joy of the Journey Ladies' Conference -Lafayette, IN
11/14, 21, 28 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
12/5, 12, 19 First Baptist Church -Carmel, IN
12/26 Joy Baptist Church -Indianapolis, IN


1/4, 11, 25 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
1/23 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church-Fishers, IN
1/27 Faith Baptist Church Community Center-Lafayette, IN
2/1, 8, 15, 22 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
3/1 First Baptist Church-Seymour, IN
3/8, 15, 22, 29 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
4/5, 12, 19, 26 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
5/3 First Baptist Church-Kouts, IN
5/17-20 F.I.R.E. National Conference-Carmel, IN
5/24 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
5/31 Evergreen Baptist Church-Michigan City, IN
5/31 Bethel Baptist Church-Pierceton, IN
6/7 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
6/14 Holt Baptist Church-Holt, MI
6/14 Entrican Bible Church-Stanton, MI
6/21 Converse Church of Christ-Converse, IN
6/28 Hillsdale Assembly of God-Jonesville, MI
6/28 First Baptist Church-Hillsdale, MI
7/5, 12, 19, 26 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
8/2, 9, 30 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
8/16 Beverly Church of the Nazarene-Beverly, MA
8/16 Athol-Orange Baptist Church-Athol, MA
8/23 Enfield Baptist Church-Enfield, MN
9/27 International Baptist Church of Brussels-Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium
9/27 International Baptist Church of Jurbise-Jurbise, Belgium
10/3-4 Emmanuel International Church of Paris-92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France
10/11 International Baptist Church of Stuttgart-Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany
10/11 International Baptist Church of MunichMunich, Germany
11/14-15 First Baptist Church-Freeport, IL
11/29 Central United Methodist Church-Richmond, IN
12/6, 13, 20, 27 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN


1/6, 13, 27 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
1/20 First Baptist Church-Greenwood, IN
2/3, 10, 17, 24 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
3/2 First Baptist Church-Hillsdale, MI
3/9, 16, 23, 30 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
4/6, 13, 20, 27 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
5/11 Morning Star Church-Kokomo, IN
5/18, 25 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
6/1 Lake Placid Conference Center-Hartford City, IN
6/8, 15, 22, 29 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
6/28 Calvary Baptist Church-Indianapolis, IN
7/6, 13, 20, 27 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
8/3, 10, 17, 24, 31 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
8/19 Taylor University-Upland, IN
9/7, 14, 21 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
9/28 Oxford Assembly of God Church-Oxford, FL
10/1 East Naples United Methodist Church-Naples, IN
10/5 Grace United Methodist Church-Venice, FL
10/12, 19 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
10/26 International Christian Fellowship-Oberursel, Germany
10/27-30 International Baptist Convention-Wiesbaden, Germany
11/2 International Baptist Church-Stuttgart, Germany
11/9 Trinity International Church-Leidschendam, The Netherlands
11/9 International Baptist Church-Jurbise, Belgium
11/16, 23 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
11/29-30 Bible Baptist Church-Kokomo, IN
12/2 Huntington University-Huntington, IN
12/6 Centennial Bible Church-Westfield, IN
12/7 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
12/13-14 Calvary Bible Church-Rogers City, MI
12/14 Calvary Baptist Church-Mikado, IN
12/19 Trinity Community Church-Daleville, IN
12/21, 24, 28 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN


1/7 First Baptist Church-Headland, AL
1/7 First Baptist Church-Enterprise, AL
1/14, 21, 28 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
2/4, 9, 11, 18, 25 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
2/24 Taylor University-Upland, IN
3/1 Huntington University, Huntington, IN
3/4, 11, 18, 25 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
4/1, 6, 8, 15, 21 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
5/6, 20, 27 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
6/10, 17, 24 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
7/1, 8, 15 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
7/22 Central United Methodist Church-Ricmond, IN
7/29 Calvary Baptist Church-Boonville, IN
8/5 West Endicott Baptist Church-Endicott, NY
8/5 Montrose Bible Conference-Montrose, PA
8/8 Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church-Brewster, MA
8/12 New Life Community Church-Providence, RI
8/13 American Bible Society-New York, NY
9/2 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
9/9, 16, 23, 30 Emmanuel International Church-Paris, France
10/ 5-7 Ferme de Courcimont-Courcimont, France
10/14, 21, 28 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
10/21 First Presbyterian Church-Huntington, IN
11/4, 11, 18, 25 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
12/2, 9, 16, 23, 24, 30 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
12/11 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church-Fishers, IN


1/1 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
1/7 E. Naples United Methodist Church-Naples, FL
1/8 N. Naples United Methodist Church-Naples, FL
1/8 New Hope Ministries-Naples, FL
1/15 Daniels Road Baptist Church-Ft. Myers, FL
1/22 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
1/29 Emmanuel Community Church-Ft. Wayne, IN
2/5, 12, 19, 26 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
2/12 Christian Life Baptist Church-Salem, IN
3/5, 9 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
3/25, 26 Emmanuel International Church-Paris, France
4/2, 9, 14, 16, 30 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
4/4 First Baptist Church-Vincennes, IN
4/9 First Presbyterian Church-Huntington, IN
4/23 Epworth United Methodist Church-Matthews, IN
5/7, 14, 21 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
5/28 First Baptist Church-Hanover, MA
5/28 Leominster Assembly of God-Leominster, MA
5/31 Athol Orange Baptist Church-Athol, MA
6/4 Grace Christian Church-Freehold Township, NJ
6/4 Heritage Baptist Church-Clarks Summit, PA
6/11, 18, 25 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
7/2, 23, 30 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
7/8 Lakeside Park Band Shell-Rogers City, MI
7/9 Calvary Bible Church-Rogers City, MI
7/9 Brown Corners United Brethren Church-Clare, MI
7/16 Central United Methodist Church-Richmond, IN
8/6, 13, 27 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
8/20 Stanford Baptist Church-Stanford, IN
9/3, 17, 24 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
9/10 Memorial Baptist Church-Arlington, VA
9/23 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church-Fishers, IN
10/1, 8, 15-17, 22 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
11/ 5, 26 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
11/12 Emmanuel Community Church-Ft.Wayne, IN
12/3, 10, 16, 17, 24 First Baptist Church-Carmel, IN
12/3 Olive Branch Church-Roann, IN
12/7, 8 Emmanuel Community Church-Ft.Wayne, IN
12/14 Taylor University-Upland, IN


1/9, 12 N. Naples United Methodist Church-Naples, FL
1/16 Covenant Presbyterian Church-Naples, FL
1/23 Center Point Community Church-Naples, FL
1/30 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
2/11 Twin Lakes Camp-Hillsboro, IN
2/13 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church-Fishers, IN
2/20 New Community Worship-Hartford City, IN
2/27 St. Paul United Church of Christ-Belleville, IL
3/12 First Baptist Church-Seymour, IN
3/18 Taylor University- Upland, IN
3/19 Centennial Bible Church- Westfield, IN
4/14 Taylor University- Upland, IN
4/17 College Baptist Church- Hillsdale, MI
5/8 Montrose Bible Conference-Montrose, PA
5/11 Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church- Brewster, MA
5/15 White Oak Baptist Church- Wallingford, CT
5/16 American Bible Society- New York City, NY
5/29 Cicero Christian Church- Cicero, IN
6/12 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
6/26 Houghton Lake United Methodist Church- Houghton Lake, MI
7/3 Haven Reformed Church- Hamilton, MI
7/10 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church-Fishers, IN
7/12 Taylor University- Upland, IN
7/17, 24, 31 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
8/7, 14, 21, 26 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
8/24, 26 Taylor University- Upland, IN
10/4 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
10/11 Versailles United Church of Christ- Versailles, OH
10/13-15 Rogers City Theatre- Rogers City, MI
10/18 Boon Baptist Church- Boon, MI
10/25 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
10/2 Cicero Wesleyan Church- Cicero, IN
10/9, 16, 23, 29 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
11/30 Taylor University- Upland, IN
11/6 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
11/7 Evangelical Baptist Missions- Indianapolis, IN
11/11 Honeywell Center- Wabash, IN
11/13 Asbury Chapel United Methodist Church- Monpelier, IN
11/20 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
11/20 East Columbus United Methodist Church- Columbus, IN
11/27 Joy Baptist Church- Indianapolis, IN
11/27, 12/4 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
12/9 Hotel Roberts- Muncie, IN
12/12 First Baptist Church-Seymour, IN
12/15 Taylor University- Upland, IN
12/18 Forrest-Burdette United Methodist Church- Hurricane, WV
12/24, 25 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN


1/10 Center Point Community Church-Naples, FL
1/11 N. Naples United Methodist Church- Naples, FL
1/11 New Hope Ministries- Naples, FL
1/13 N. Naples United Methodist Church- Naples, FL
1/18 First United Methodist Church- Naples, FL
2/14 First Baptist Church- Crothersville, IN
3/7 Markle United Methodist Church- Markle, IN
3/21 Lake Lansing Baptist Church- E. Lansing, MI
4/11 West Noblesville Community Church- Noblesville, IN
4/16-17 Gideon's International Zone 8 Conf. - Schroon Lake, NY
4/21 Athol Orange Baptist Church- Athol, MA
4/23 Enfield Baptist Church- Enfield, ME
4/25 Church of the Nazarene- Beverly, MA
4/25 First Baptist Church- Hanover, MA
5/2 First Baptist Church- Greenwood, IN
5/16 Geist Community Baptist Church- Indianapolis, IN
6/25 Orchard Park Presbyterian Church- Indianapolis, IN
6/27 First United Methodist Church- Crown Point, IN
7/11 Grace United Methodist Church- Hartford City, IN
7/18 Bible Baptist Church- Kokomo, IN
7/25 Faith Missionary Church- Indianapolis, IN
7/25 Evergreen Baptist Church- Michigan City, IN
8/8 First United Methodist Church- Flora, IL
8/29 Markle Park- Markle, IN
9/5 First Baptist Church- Hillsdale, MI
9/9 Huntington College- Huntington, IN (Chapel)
9/12 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
9/19 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
9/26 International Church of Strasbourg- Strasbourg, Germany
10/1-3 Emmanuel International Church of Paris- Normandy, France
10/24 Forrest-Burdette United Methodist Church- Hurricane, WV
10/31 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
11/7-8 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
11/14 Fellowship Baptist Church- Dublin, OH
11/14 First Presbyterian Church- Trenton, MI
12/3 Huntington Press, Inc.- Huntington, IN
12/5 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
12/12 Cambria Baptist Church- Cambria, MI


1/5, 1/8 N. Naples United Methodist Church- Naples, FL
1/12 First United Methodist Church- Naples, FL
2/9 Grace Baptist Church- Lebanon, IN
2/9 Cicero Christian Church- Cicero, IN
2/13 After Five Dinner Club- Hillsdale, MI
3/2 New Life Community Church- Noblesville, IN
3/30 United Brethren Church- Hillsdale, MI
4/13 Russellville Community Church- Russellville, IN
4/27 Hillsdale Assembly of God Church- Jonesville, MI
5/11 Alpine Baptist Church- Comstock Park, MI
5/18 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church- Fishers, IN
6/29 New Life Christian Fellowship- Fortville, IN
7/13 Cambria Baptist Church- Cambria, MI
8/2 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
8/24 First Baptist Church- Headland, AL
9/21 Alexandria Church of God-Alexandria, IN
8/27, 8/28 Harbour Shores Church- Cicero, IN
10/5 Athol Orange Baptist Church- Athol, MA
10/5 Bethany Baptist Church- Gardner, MA
10/6 American Bible Society- New York City, NY
10/8 White Oak Baptist Church- Wallingford, CT
10/12 Assembly of God Church- Leominster, MA
10/18 Oakwood Spiritual Life Center- Syracuse, IN
10/19 First Christian Church- Noblesville, IN
10/26 Joy Baptist Church- Indianapolis, IN
11/23 First Baptist Church- Delphi, IN
12/2 First Baptist Church- N. Terre Haute, IN
12/13 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
12/13 Grace Baptist Church- Lebanon, IN
12/21 First Baptist Church- Midland, IN
12/24 College Baptist Church- Hillsdale, MI


1/13 Karl Road Baptist Church-Columbus, OH
1/21 IFRBC Pastors' Wives Retreat- Shipshewana, IN
2/9 Tuxedo Park Baptist Church-Indianapolis, IN
2/16 Camp Carson-Princeton, IN
2/17 Newburgh United Methodist Church-Newburgh, IN
2/17 First Baptist Church-Princeton, IN
3/17 Community Bible Church-Tipton, IN
3/31 First Baptist Church-Seymour, IN
3/31 Christian Life Baptist Church-Salem, IN
4/12 Taylor University-Upland, IN (Chapel with Ravi Zacharias)
4/21 Free Methodist Church-Hillsdale, MI
5/4 First Baptist Church-Seymour, IN (Retreat with Sandi Patty)
5/5 E. State Street Church of God-Huntington, IN
5/11 Prairie Baptist Church-Noblesville, IN
5/12 Tri-Lakes Baptist Church-Columbia City, IN
5/19 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church-Fishers, IN
6/2 Centennial Bible Church-Westfield, IN
7/7 College Baptist Church-Hillsdale, MI
7/28 Geist Community Baptist Church-McCordsville, IN
8/11 First Christian Church- Scottsburg, IN
9/1 Upland Community Church- Upland, IN
9/7 First Baptist Church-Fort Wayne, IN
9/14 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN (CD Kick-off)
9/22 First Baptist Church-Lebanon, IN
9/27 Anchor Room Bookstore Cafe- Fort Wayne, IN
9/29 Boon Baptist Church-Boon, MI
10/6 First Baptist Church-Coldwater, MI
10/6 First Baptist Church-Hillsdale, MI
10/13 First Baptist Church- Midland, MI
11/24 First Baptist Church-Grand Blanc, MI
12/5 Hamilton Hills Baptist Church- Fishers, IN
12/12 Valley Mills Christian Church-Indianapolis, IN
12/13-15 Brown Corners United Brethren Church-Clare, MI
12/24 Tri-Lakes Baptist Church-Columbia City, IN>2001

2/3 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN
2/10 Free Methodist Church- Hillsdale, MI
3/25 Grace Baptist Church- Lebanon, IN
4/29 N. Suburban Baptist Church- Indianapolis, IN
5/12 First Baptist Church- Seymour, IN (Retreat with Kathy Troccoli)
7/29 Bethel A.M.E. Church- Marion, IN
8/5 Harbour Shores Church- Cicero, IN (Ministry Kick-off Concert)
8/12 Centenary United Methodist- Lebanon, IN
9/9 United Brethren Church- Hillsdale, MI
9/16 Bankers Baptist Church- Hillsdale, MI
9/16 Assembly of God- Jonesville, MI
9/20 Huntington College- Huntington, IN (Chapel)
9/23 First Presbyterian Church- Hillsdale, MI
9/23 Hillsdale County Fair-Hillsdale, MI
9/30 First Christian Church- Noblesville, IN
10/7 Lake Lansing Baptist Church- E. Lansing, MI
10/14 Brown Corners United Brethren Church- Clare, MI
10/14 Moline Baptist Church- Moline, MI
10/19-21 Annual Gathering American Baptist Churches (IN/KY)Indianapolis, IN
10/26 Annual Gathering American Baptist Churches(MI)
Charlotte, MI
10/28 First Baptist Church- Carmel, IN (Ministry Dedication)
11/3 E. State Street Church of God- Huntington, IN
11/4 Calvary Baptist Church- Wabash, IN
11/11 Holt Baptist Church- Holt, MI
11/18 Cambria Baptist Church- Cambria, MI
11/25 Morning Star Church- Kokomo, IN
12/2 Macedonia Christian Church- Kokomo, IN
12/14 First Presbyterian Church- Hillsdale, MI
12/23 Christian Life Baptist Church- Salem, IN

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Wondrous Love CD Cover

Wondrous Love - Hymns of Our Faith


1  Come, Thou Fount

2  I Will Sing of My Redeemer

3  I Need Thee Every Hour

4  Be Thou My Vision

5  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

6  What Wondrous Love Is This

7  Rock of Ages

8  Amazing Grace

9  I Must Tell Jesus

10  Savior, Like a Shepherd

11  All for Jesus

12  Fairest Lord Jesus

Exalted Lord CD Cover

Exalted Lord


1  Exalted Lord

2  You Bent the Knee

3  Under Your Lordship

4  All Power

5  The Conqueror's Song

6  Save, Heal, Reign

7  To the Brokenhearted

8  How Sweet the Name

9  A Life Complete

10  Agnus Dei

A Musical Offering CD Cover

A Musical Offering


1  Crown Him with Many Crowns

2  Our Great Savior

3  Be Still, My Soul

4  Fairest Lord Jesus

5  America, the Beautiful

6  It Is Well with My Soul

7  I Surrender All

8  Just As I Am

9  Be Thou My Vision

10  Awake, the Voice Commands

11  The God of Abraham, Praise

12  Ode to Joy

The Lord Will Provide CD Cover

The Lord Will Provide


1  Joy of My Heart

2  Wait on Me

3  Shadow of Your Wings

4  Cover Me

5  The Lord Will Provide

6  Where the Master Leads

7  Swept Away

8  This Is My Father's World

9  The Flag Waves

10  My Shepherd

11  With the Angels

We Worship You As Never Before CD Cover

We Worship You As Never Before


1  I Am His

2  This Journey

3  Chosen Child

4  I Surrender All

5  Mary's Miracle

6  Rest Within Your Peace

7  Marcher en présence du Sauveur

8  Jesus, the Son

9  Be My All

10  Precious People

11  Song Without Words

12  We Worship You As Never Before

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